Singer Émilie Lesbros: poetry and commitment

Sound Portraits 12.04.2022

Émilie Lesbros defines herself as an artist, singer, poet and composer. She is also a multi-instrumentalist and improviser.

Émilie Lesbros ' artistic career began in southeastern France, between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence, but she soon took off for new horizons, pursuing her career in Paris and then New York, where she settled in 2013 for eight years. There, she multiplied the collaborations and encounters that characterize the lives of jazzwomen, but above all, she never stopped setting up her own projects. Always politically committed, she writes about the world, social and geographical inequalities, and the status of women. She weaves a multicolored music, sprinkled with the madness of punk, the poetry of folk, the energy of rock, the warmth of soul, the love and sensuality of groove, the freedom of jazz and the power and trance of electro. Émilie Lesbros has been back in France since 2020, trapped by the covid crisis. She is taking advantage of this to launch a new musical bombshell: Ona-Liza, but also to hit the road again with her duo Single Room, formed with harpist Rafaelle Rinaudo.

Interview with Guillaume Kosmicki

Selected excerpts :

- Single Room, "Coming Back" (2020)

- Single Room, "Memory of the Doubt" (2020)

- Darius Jones Quartet featuring Emilie Lesbros: "Quand vient la nuit"(Brigitte's baby (Lost in Translation), 2015)

- Ona Liza : "Nothing At All" (Live, 25 September 2021 at the Triton, Les Lilas)

Photos © Catherine Deylac
Photos © Fab
Photos © Peter Gannushkin
Photos © Dwayne Salome
Photos © Jeff Humbert


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