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II - General conditions of use

The site is the single point of access to the data and content held by Hémisphère Son.
Any person who accesses the website, one of the editorial offers or associated services accepts and undertakes to comply, without restriction or reservation, with the present General Conditions of Use in force.

The applicable General Terms and Conditions of Use ("GTC") are those whose current version is available online on the portal at the following address: http: // and at the date of the user's connection.
The publisher reserves the right to adapt or modify these GTC at any time. The new general terms and conditions will, if necessary, be brought to the attention of the user by online modification.

Intellectual Property and users' rights

Project: The Hémisphère son project, born in September 2020, is a project of editorial and independent platform dedicated to innovative music and its news. All files and/or presentation documents produced by the publisher and intended for its partners and prospects are confidential and protected by intellectual property rights.

Trademarks and logos: The "Hémisphère son" trademark and logo, as well as the trademarks and logos of its partners appearing on the site, are trademarks registered with the INPI and are therefore protected by industrial property rights.

General structure of thewebsite
The general structure of the website, the contents of the website (information, texts, photos, images, videos and data, etc.), its graphic design and its architecture are the exclusive property of the publisher and are protected by intellectual property rights.

Databases: The databases making up the "Hemisphere Son" editorial offer are the exclusive property of the publisher as producer of the databases and are protected by intellectual property rights and sui generis database rights.  

User rights :

The user of the site is prohibited from representing, adapting, reproducing and/or using the brands and logos present on the site, as well as from modifying, copying, translating, reproducing, selling, publishing, exploiting and disseminating in a digital or other format, all or part of the contents of the site (information, texts, photos, images, videos and data, etc.).
The user of the site is also prohibited from proceeding, in any way whatsoever, with any extraction, use for any purpose whatsoever, storage, reproduction, representation to the public or conservation, direct or indirect, partial or total, qualitatively or quantitatively substantial of the content of one or more of the site's databases.
Violation of these provisions subjects the offender, and all persons responsible, to the criminal and civil penalties provided for by French law.
The user of the site benefits from a simple right of private and non-exclusive use of the site's content. This right is limited to the right to print one or more articles and/or to save it on his computer (or other digital support such as mobile and tablet) for his own personal use only. Any networking, redistribution, exploitation in an institutional, professional or commercial context or any marketing of this content to third parties, in any form whatsoever, is strictly forbidden without the prior written consent of the publisher. The same applies to RSS feeds and newsletters.
Reproduction and syndication rights: All persons wishing to exploit or use all or part of the site's content in a professional or commercial context, and in particular RSS feeds and newsletters, are invited to contact the Director of the Publication in order to discuss the terms and conditions of any possible collaboration.

Comments on website content and moderation
Not all content available and accessible on the website is open to comment. Comments can be moderated a priori. However, the website editor reserves the right, as of right and without prior justification, not to publish, moderate, edit or delete comments.

Responsibility and erratum
The publisher cannot guarantee that the site will not be interrupted. The obligation to provide the website is limited to an obligation of means. The information displayed on the website is given for information purposes only. It may be modified at any time and without prior notice.
The publisher cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect, foreseeable and unforeseeable damage such as loss of earnings or profits, loss of data, loss of equipment, as well as the costs of repair, recovery or reproduction resulting from the use and/or impossibility of using the site.
Despite the care and controls of the website's editorial team, unintentional errors or omissions may remain on the site. If you wish to send us your comments or complaints, you can contact the editorial staff of the site at the following

The present general conditions of use are entirely subject to French law. The user of the website acknowledges the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent French courts.

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