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Interviews 04.03.2021

Founded in 1998, Linea is one of the cornerstones of creation in Strasbourg. Directed by Jean-Philippe Wurtz, this ensemble of 14 musicians has shown imagination during the health crisis and continues, whatever the cost, its work with young composers.

Despite the cancellation of a large part of the concerts of its 2019/2020 season, the Strasbourg-based ensemble Linea has not remained silent in recent months: it has continued to defend the repertoire it holds dear. During the first lockdown, Jean-Philippe Wurtz and his musicians did not choose to post concerts at home on Facebook, but rather to offer a program to Internet users: " Open the box ». The show, live, lasted about forty minutes. Jean-Philippe Wurtz would discuss with a guest composer a work played and recorded in concert by the ensemble. The idea was not only to allow Internet users to make musical discoveries, but also to open the composer's toolbox, to allow the public to enter his or her language and discover some of his or her compositional techniques. After all, these artists are among the great witnesses to the crisis we are experiencing...

The Linea ensemble is also closely linked to the composition class of the Strasbourg Conservatory. In autumn 2019, six male and female composers have been selected to write a piece for the ensemble. The line-up? A motley sextet composed of a trumpet, a trombone, an accordion, a piano, a harp, percussion and electronics. The initial project was to present these works in concert in 2020... Postponed several times, this concert was transformed into an audio recording session and the four creations were recorded at the beginning of February in the auditorium of the Cité de la musique in Strasbourg.

Here they are, in preview.

Jinsol Kim, 0 (Infinity/Voidness)
Nicolas Brochec, Trajectories of Oblivion
Suiha Yoshida, The Held Moment
Tomas La Porta, Primavera 0

"Young professionals absolutely need quality recordings of their works, to make their music known" insists Jean-Philippe Wurtz.

The professional integration of male and female composers is indeed essential for Jean-Philippe Wurtz, who is also the artistic director of Royaumont Abbey, in the Oise region, a high place for the training of young musicians. Since the 2019/2020 season, the Linea ensemble has welcomed three composers in residence within the ensemble for two years***.

The ensemble is also interested in performers and in 2014 launched its own academy. "We welcome about forty musicians per academy, from all over the world," explains Jean-Philippe Wurtz. They are coached for a week by our musicians. "Next appointment, if all goes well, this summer.

Interview by Suzanne Gervais


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