The accordionist Vincent Lhermet says "ouïe" to the creation

Connected news 10.04.2021

Accordionist Vincent Lhermet commissions a series of pieces for young musicians

A great defender of today's music, the accordionist Vincent Lhermet, who is also a professor at the Ecole supérieure de musique et de danse de Lille (ESMD) and at the CRR in Boulogne-Billancourt, has launched a series of commissions in partnership with the Sacem.

Its name? O.U.I.E.S. Yes as in yes to creation, yes as in hearing. And yes, without any doubt, to the young generation of accordionists. Because being a young musician in 2021, in the middle of a pandemic, is particularly difficult, many musicians are mobilizing to support the students.

Vincent Lhermet performs in all kinds of repertoires: transcriptions of baroque pieces, classical works, oral tradition, contemporary works, solo or with ensemble and orchestra. The accordion is a great inspiration for today's composers," he explains. It is an instrument that lives with its time, as there are more than 10,000 pieces for accordion worldwide. »

The musician wishes to share with his students his taste for musical creation, a process that is essential in his eyes. "Participating in the creation of a work is unique! It's a moment of research, of sharing, of putting things into perspective, but it's also a proof of confidence in the unknown, in the unheard of", assures Vincent Lhermet.

It all starts on Proarti, the crowdfunding platform specialized in music and, even more so, in new music. The "Mise en œuvre(s)" program, piloted with the Sacem, allows several musical projects to be financed in part by the funds raised through crowdfunding, in part through a grant from the Society for the Rights of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers. And since 2019, the Banque Populaire Foundation, which rewards a handful of performers and composers each year, has joined the scheme.

The objective is simple: to encourage the Foundation's prize-winning performers to commission composers who are also Foundation prize-winners to write an instrumental, vocal or electro-acoustic work. Three projects are to be discovered and supported, in 2021, on the Proarti platform. Among them is that of accordionist Vincent Lhermet. The musician wishes to commission five new pieces, miniatures of 3 to 4 minutes each, at the end of conservatory or beginning of higher education level, from five composers, all of them, as a matter of principle, prizewinners of the Banque Populaire Foundation: Matteo Franceschinini, Caroline Marçot, Benoît Menut, Vincent Paulet and Gabriel Sivak

Discover the interview of Matteo Franceschini and listen to The act of Touch:

The collection on Proarti is completed and has raised 8585 € or 126%, which is wonderful! Thanks to these donations, the objectives have been exceeded and have made it possible to collect funds for a 6th work for young people, of which we give you the name of the winner exclusively: Clara Olivares, young French-Spanish composer living in Strasbourg. 

The creation of the works is scheduled for late spring 2022

Suzanne Gervais

Photo© Bernard Martinez


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