Émilie ŠkrijeljIn the folds of the accordion

Sound Portraits 03.11.2021

Emilie Škrijelj is an accordionist, but when she performs, we should not expect to hear the sound images that we usually have of the accordion. Emilie's playing penetrates to the heart of her instrument, she dismantles one by one its slats for our ears, she makes the air circulate in its smallest nooks and crannies, she taps all its materials and goes through its architecture, she makes its shell vibrate, its straps, she explores its anatomy and makes it totally organic. The accordion is almost transformed into a synthesizer. She likes to joke that she is an accordionist who does not like the accordion. Emilie is also an artist of the turntables, which she manipulates, scratches and kneads with an art that is also very personal to her. Accordionist, turntablist, Emilie is also a visual artist, and her drawings can often be found on the covers of her records. We have the chance to meet this complete artist to explore a little more her universe, and some of her multiple projects.

Interview with Guillaume Kosmicki.

Selected excerpts :

"KRCI", first piece entitled 123 from the album Distant Number (2020) with Emilie Skrijelj (accordion, samples, electronics), Loris Binot (prepared piano, prepared fender rhodes, moog, treatments) Lê Quand Ninh (percussions).

"Les Marquises" with Émilie Škrijelj (accordion, turntable, electronics) and Tom Malmendier (drums). The first album was released at the end of February 2020 on the new label "eux sæm".

"Les presqu'iles" with Émilie Škrijelj (accordion, turntable, electronics) and Tom Malmendier (drums) during the confinement.

"nuit", from the album Latitudes (2021) with Emilie Škrijelj (accordion, samples and mini modular synthesizer), Tom Malmendier (drums and polystyrenes), Stéphane Clor (double bass and cello amplified and feedback) and Armand Lesecq (drums and polystyrenes) in August 2020.


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