Thomas de Pourquery : Music and beyond

Sound Portraits 30.08.2022

Thomas de Pourquery's music navigates between dance, trance, mystical ritual, spiritual ode but also song, why not borrowing in passing a seductive perfume of acid pop. Obviously, if this music is inscribed in the earth, sometimes even in its foundations, if it aspires to anchor us in the ground, to make our legs move, it also knows how to make us leap, even make us fly, and sometimes very high. It is capable of pulling us towards the sky, towards the side of the dream, the cosmic, ecstatic, hypnotic and meditative side. We meet Thomas de Pourquery, saxophonist, singer, bandleader of the group Supersonic for ten years, on the occasion of the festival of Malguénac and in partnership with Radio Bro Gwened.

Interview with Guillaume Kosmicki.

Selected excerpts :

- Back to the Moon"(Back to the Moon, 2021)

- Bring me Back to the Day"(Back to the Moon, 2021)

- "Give the Money Back"(Sons of Love, 2017)

- Dancing in the Dark (Awaking of the White Night)"(Drôles de dames, 2021)

- I Gotta Dream"(Back to the Moon, 2021)

Interview playlist:

Portrait photo © Alexandre Lacombe
Concert photos © Guy Chuiton


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