Possible worlds by Sasha Blondeau

Sound Portraits 06.06.2023

Trained in saxophone at the CRR de Lyon, then in composition at the CNSMD, Sasha Blondeau comes from a jazz background and composes music in movement, where the question of meaning as a direction, as a dramaturgical lever, is permanent. More than the search for a sound, it's the writing of space that fascinates Sasha. In the course of his pieces, he unfolds singular spaces in which the boundaries between instrumental and electroacoustic become blurred. An avid reader of the humanities and theater, Sasha also composes for the theater and is interested in the interaction between musical writing and text, playing on the expressivity of these two languages. 

In March 2023, Sasha Blondeau met Suzanne Gervais in the Ircam studios to discuss the writing of a new piece: Cortèges for symphony orchestra and electronics, co-commissioned by the creation center and the Orchestre de Paris. With less than three months to go before the premiere, scheduled for June 8 at the Philharmonie, Sasha talks about writing his first work for symphony orchestra. It's also an opportunity to look back at key moments in his career, his commitment and his vision of the place of creative music today.

Selected excerpts 

- Des Mondes possibles, 2021 (string quartet and electronics)

- Atlas III: They, 2020 (soprano, 2 pianos, 2 percussion and electronics)

- Urphanonem 1, 2018 (violin and cello) and Urphanonem 2, 2020 (for piano and electronics)

- Sortir du noir, 2016 (cello and electronics)

- Soubresauts, 2012 (mezzo-soprano, actress, ensemble and electronics) 

Photos © Nikita Teryostin - IKVC


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