Leila Martial, multitimbral vocalist

Sound Portraits 02.05.2021

Leïla Martial plays her voice like an instrument. Clown as much as singer, she claims a yoghurt scat that feeds on many vocal traditions: pygmies, gypsies, and anything that can spice up her colourful vocals. As an ecologist, Leïla Martial participates in the call "For an ecology of living music "*.

Two interviews with Guillaume Kosmicki.

In this FIRST PART, we have a casual conversation about his vocal practice, his relationship with texts, technologies, and his project ÄKÄ :

Pieces Part 1:

"Serendipity" (Baa Box, Warm Canto, 2019, Laborie Jazz)

"Omibilic" (Baa Box, Baabel, 2016, Laborie Jazz)

"J.S. Bach - The Well Tempered Clavier (mignonette)" (internet film)

Central African Republic, Aka pygmies, "Song of the Return of the Hunt" (Auvidis, 1989)

In this SECOND PART, we talk about his work on traditional music, his influences, the preparation of his new solo vocal project, a great artistic synthesis in the making, his group Baa Box, his ecological commitment and his composition Femme délit for the Orchestre National de Jazz :

Pieces Part Two:

"Pygmy Night" (Baa Box, Warm Canto, 2019, Laborie Jazz)

"Solal" (Baa Box, Warm Canto, 2019, Laborie Jazz)

"Femme délit" (ONJ, Rituels, ONJ Records - L'Autre Distribution, 2020)

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*”For an ecology of living music

Photo article © Sylvain Gripoix
Title music
Murray Schafer, "The Music of Horns and Whistles" (The Vancouver Soundscape, Ensemble Productions Ltd., 1973)
Voice-over: Amandine Dubois