Metaclassic & Sound Hemisphere

Resources 30.05.2022

By pushing his voice to the limits from which his sentences may not emerge unscathed, Antonin Artaud's voice may sound piercing, but not only for reasons of sound. It is also because his thought does not have enough to force language to strangle its logic. What form can music take to support or co-define or excite such an ultimate need to erupt? And besides, why do the musicians who have worked with Artaud's poetry in sound so often evolve in the electro-acoustic domain?

Philosopher Pauline Nadrigny has offered some answers to this question. In the collective work Orpheus dissipatedshe imagines a logical and consequent link between the liberating and contesting force ofArtaud 's glossolalia and the operations of repetition and variation that specialise in the electroacoustic manipulation of sound. It is in complicity with Sound Hemisphere and without the slightest fear that the question might be diffracted, Metaclassique is hosted this week by The Cassette to better unite: a guest mystery, an composer artaudian and a professor and a university emeritus.

A programme produced and directed by David Christoffel.

Selected excerpts:  

- Roger Désormière - Music for "Les Cenci 

- Antonin Artaud - "La recherche de la fécalité" (read by Roger Blin) 

- Wilfried Wendling - Artaud Cité

- Roland de Lassus - "Sibylla & Delphica" (1554) by Ensemble Irini (album O Sidera, 2021)

- Karlheinz Stockausen - Gesang der Junglinge (1956)

- Antonin Artaud - "La question se pose de " (read by Paule Thèvenin)

- Wilfried Wendling - "Erreurs salvatrices" (by Denis Lavant)

- Francis Poulenc - "Banalités" by Bernac (BnF collection)


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