Elsa BistonA vibrant composer

Commissioning of works 28.02.2021

"In her personal work, Elsa Biston follows a similar path, constantly questioning her way of making music and of giving it voice, in an eminently material and philosophical search. The work of composition is as much about the conditions of creation and the relationship with others as it is about the arrangement of chosen sounds. "*

Elsa Biston, born in 1978, is a French composer of electroacoustic and instrumental music.

Ella has composed, in the past, Milieu pour Spat'sonorewith which she is currently writing Les splendeurs du cavalier seul, based on the epic figure of Don Quichotte, a new work for six hands with the composers Frédéric Pattar and Karl Naegelen. It is also with the Spat'sonore that she creates "scrolling scores" allowing groups who do not read music to play together in concert.

She has composed for shows and installations with Vincent Vergone and his company Praxinoscope théâtre and she writes for the ensemble l'Instant Donné, J'irais comme un torrent furieux, for the Radio France show Alla Breve:

Her electroacoustic pieces such as Il n'y a pas d'autre côté, Muance and Brume have been broadcast by the Présences festival of Radio France in February 2020, at the Futura Festival, at Elektra Music, at Scrime etc.
With the Trafic collective, she initiates projects with the inhabitants of the districts of haut-Montreuil, where she develops with the composer Alvaro Martinez a music questioning the relationship to culture and transmission 

In October 2020, Pop, the barge moored on the Seine in Paris, invites artists from various disciplines to create an original work based on music anchored in the collective memory: Pastime Paradine Stevie Wonder's "Elsa Biston accomplishes two feats with this category-invalidating score.On the one hand,she introduces the notion of interpretation into strictly electronic music and, on the other, she evacuates the figure of the interpreter from the visual field" Pierre Gervasoni, Le Monde

She is developing an electroacoustic device of vibrating objects, with which she plays solo and in trio with The wave with Benjamin Sanz and Julien Pontvianne, and which is at the heart of her sound installation, Prendre corps, which was presented on November 12, 2021 at the Théâtre de Vanves and which you can read about on Hémisphère son here. This show will be performed again in 2022 at the Why Note festival in Dijon in May and at the Festival des Musiques Acousmatiques in Crest in August.

Elsa Biston is also a musician, radio director and artistic director for classical and contemporary music recordings for Radio France.

The next creation of Elsa Biston, Attentifs, ensemblewith the ensemble HANATSUmiroir, Louis Siracusa Schneider, cello, Maxime Kurvers, scenic device, will take place in spring 2023:
- April 5 and 6, 2023 at 7:30 pm at La Pop - 61 Quai de la Seine, 75019 Paris
- May 20, 2023 at 5pm at the Centre Culture André Malraux - Esplanade Jack Ralite, 3 Rue de Parme, 54500 Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy.

*Juliette Volcler in the magazine "ici l'onde", published by Why Note, a centre for musical creation
Photo © Marion Brunet


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