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Resources 01.12.2021

When you choose to play the electric guitar, it is not necessarily to play Mozart or Vivaldi. But when you choose to play the electric guitar, you don't have to deprive yourself of playing music from before electricity either. In fact, when you play electric guitar, you shouldn't feel compelled to shake your head and rock out. In this issue of Metaclassique, you will hear successively four electric guitarists: Noël Akchoté, Christelle Séry, bassist Kasper T. Toeplitz and Julien Desprez. If their musical universes are very characteristic and thus very different from each other, they have this in common: they disobey the rock heritage of the electric guitar and draw their musical evolution in a reflection on their instrument. 

A Métaclassique programme produced and directed by David Christoffel, in partnership with Hémisphère son.

Selected excerpts :

- Magister Perotinus Magnus - Quid Tu Vides (Perotin For Dobro, 1160-1230) by Noel Akchoté (electric guitar) 

- Guillaume DE MACHAUT by Noël Akchoté (electric guitar) 

- Ombre pour ombre I - Christelle Séry (electric guitar) 

- Ricercar 11 - Joule effect by Frédéric PATTAR - Christelle Séry (electric guitar)

-Quattro nudi - III by Marco MOMI - Christelle Séry (electric guitar) 

- Hi Für Caudwell by Helmut Lachenmann (Wilhelm Bruck and Theodor Ross)

- Caro, amoroso neo (Prima Parte) by Carlo Gesualdo by Noël Akchoté

- Festum Nunc Celebre by Guillaume DUFAY by Noël Akchoté on Dobro 

- Yùrei byJérôme COMBIER - Christelle Séry (electric guitar) 

- An Index of Metals by Fausto ROMITELLI by the Lucilin Ensemble

- Almasty by Kasper T. TOEPLITZ with Kasper T. Toeplitz (electric bass) - Recordings of Sleaze Art r.o.s.a.

- Elemental II by Éliane Radigue - Kasper T. Toeplitz (electric bass) Recordings of Sleaze Art r.o.s.a.

- Guitar and electric bass duet with Kasper T. TOEPLITZ and Julien DESPREZ at La Muse en circuit

- Duo of Violaine LOCHU and Julien DESPREZ

- Acapulco Redux by Julien DESPREZ (electric guitar)

Photo N. Akchoté © Julie Wintrebert
Photo C. Séry © Eric Dierstein
Photo J. Desprez © Sylvain Gripois
Photo K.T. Toeplitz © Andrzej Ciarkowski
Photo article © Margherita Caprili


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