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Resources 12.10.2022

On the Bandcamp platform, you can find classical, jazz, reggae, funk, metal, blues... The range of genres seems endless as it is so open. Whereas on YouTube, all genres seem to be welcome, although the reference to musical genres is practically erased, at most mentioned in the form of a tag, but globally melted in this great whole. It is in front of this observation that between Hémisphère son and Métaclassique, we wondered if the disappearance of musical genres was really a godsend for the music that is said to be "experimental" precisely by default and if it was always a good thing to degender musical practices. Taking advantage of the festival riverrunfestival, organized by the GMEA - the National Center of Musical Creation of Albi-Tarn to rub up against the differences of musical genres that rub shoulders there, we are going to look for where the erasing of musical borders in the practice and in the platforms is with the researcher Guillaume Heuguetwho signed at INA editions the essay YouTube and the metamorphoses of the music*, the director of the festival riverrun, Didier Aschour and the violinist and improviser Silvia Tarozzi who opens this number with... a war song.

A Métaclassique programme produced and directed by David Christoffel, in partnership with Hémisphère son.

The DEGENER playlist:

- Tita - Canti di guerra, di lavoro e d'amore - Silvia Tarozzi & Deborah Walker

- Metal Machine Music of Lou Reed by the Zeitkratzer Ensemble

- Distiller of vintage (performed sound creation) by Benoît Bories 

- Dead Plants with Rie Nakajima and Pierre Berthet 

- For organ and brass by Ellen Arkbro - 

- Combinations for String Quartet I. I by Tom Johnspn with Quatuor Bozzini

- Grounds of Memory by Jürg Frey with the Quatuor Bozzini

- Kaffe Matthews at Kosmetiksalon Babette Berlin on April 25, 2019

- Bird's Lament (piano solo) by Moondog with François Mardirossian

*YouTube and metamorphosis by Guillaume Heuguet at INA Editions.


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