David Hudry or the genius of the place

Sound Portraits 07.09.2021

Although sensitive throughout his training as a composer to a formalized approach to musical thought and attracted by his taste for visual art to a certain form of abstraction, David Hudry has always remained in direct contact with music. His background as an instrumentalist makes him particularly sensitive to contact with sound vibration.

The shock of his discovery of industrial wastelands in Buffalo in 2010 is at the origin of musical projects linked to places in general, industrial sites in particular, and to the activity of factories, in its double acoustic and human dimension.
David Hudry retraces with us the genesis of the works that have exacerbated his passion for places, their sound life and their soul.

Interview of Pierre Rigaudière

Selected excerpts :

- The forgotten city (2016)

- Nachtspiegel (2008)

- The forgotten city (2016)

- Rituals - Men & Machines , first performance on May 29, 20221 at the Festival Musica Electronica Nova (Wroclaw)

- Machina Humana (2017)

- Re]cycle (2019)

- Introduction to Idavöllr (2013)

News : On November 30th 2022, at the ByPass festival in Toulouse, Intersectionsan experience at the crossroads of Singapore's urban sounds

Photos © Marek Stańczyk
Photos © Karol Sokolowski


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