Eve RisserUnlimited inventiveness

Commissioning of works 11.10.2021

Eve Risser is a composer, a pianist, an improviser, and the figurehead of the new French and European improvised music scene. She explores, founds and brings together artists from all horizons, Swedish, Norwegian, Malian, German: White Desert Orchestra,Ensembleensemble, Red Desert Orchestra with whom she indulges in crossbreeding and travels throughout Europe. From the frontiers of jazz to the prepared piano solo, Eve Risser dreams of musical horizons without limits.

She composes and performs the new creation of the Op.Cit ensemble, directed and commissioned by Guillaume Bourgogne, Hémisphère son and the Grame.
March 21, 2022 at the B!ME - Biennale of exploratory music - in Lyon.

Eve Risser studied the classical flute in Colmar and then improvised music in Strasbourg, before devoting herself to the piano. She then joined the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris in the jazz class. She was a member of Daniel Yvinec's National Jazz Orchestra from 2008 to 2013.

Founding member of the French-German-Swedish collective and label UmlautShe has been involved in various bands ranging from small to large. She has been touring Europe for twelve years with Japanese drummer Yuko Oshima and their duo Donkey Monkey, who won a group and soloist award at the La Défense competition, the French Jazz Migration and European 12 Points Europe.

In 2010 she formed the trio En-Corps with Benjamin Duboc and Edward Perraud, whose first album was noticed by the French and international press (Dark Tree Records 2012).
In 2015, Eve Risser uses mineralogical and geological data to imagine the fascinating paths of the White Desert OrchestraIn 2015, Eve Risser used mineralogical and geological data to imagine the fascinating pathways of the "Tentet", a tentet that brings together the best of the Parisian creative scene and a Norwegian.

In June 2018, she founded the Franco-Norwegian quintet the EnsembleensEmble (with Mari Kvien-Brunvoll, Kim Myhr, Toma Gouband, George Dumitriù), and in December of the same year, her second large ensemble opus Red Desert OrchestraIn December of the same year, she released her second large ensemble album, 'Kogoba Basigui', an ensemble of nine European musicians, with seven Malian musicians living in Bamako (Kaladjula Band) on one side and 'Eurythmia', which brings together the Red Desert Orchestra and three traditional Burkinabe percussionists on the other.

For the past ten years, she has been developing a personal musical language with the piano, whose keys she uses, but also whose entrails she prepares with various materials for percussive purposes. She released "Des pas sur la neige" (timbral meditation on extended grand piano, Clean Feed label, 2015), "Après un rêve" (rhythmic trance on prepared upright piano, Clean Feed, 2019).

Eve Risser "Après Un Reve" Jazzfest Berlin 2019/11/02 - Arte Live from eve risser on Vimeo.

She has also been commissioned to compose for the BBC Prom's and Jean Rondeau, the Frankfurt Radio Big Band, the Créations Mondiales France Musique of Anne Montaron, the Orchestre National de Jazz, as well as for the theatre with Samuel Achache with whom she has just created La Sourde, concerto for piano and orchestra, Catherine Umbdenstock, Céilne Champinot) or performance installations (Guillaume Marmin)...

Next tour dates:
Red Desert Orchestra - Eurythmia
* November 6th at Jazzdor - Strasbourg
* November 8th at D'jazz Nevers
Red Desert Orchestra & Kaladjula Band
*November 16 at Le Parvis in Tarbes
*November 17 at L'Empreinte in Brive la Gaillarde
*November 18 at L'Arsenal in Metz
*November 19 at Théâtre de Sartrouville
Anw Be Yonbolo
*On Sunday 14 November at 11am at the Opéra de Reims with Césaré


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